Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day in the Manor

I wasn't very interested in writing a new post this week because it had been a very normal week for me. I figured I didn't have very much to say. However, I realized I have never explained what a normal day in the manor was like! So, I'll explain:
Exploration of the grounds.

My class schedule is very laid-back compared to my usual schedule at UE. All 130 students here have British Studies at 8:30am Mondays and Wednesdays. There are 4 English professors who trade off giving lectures, and all of them teach 2 seminar classes. Lectures are very difficult to stay awake through because we all gather in the Long Gallery, one of the state rooms in the manor, and proceed to listen early in the morning all in a hot room. However, I think the history is very fascinating and have been enjoying it quite a lot. I really enjoy my seminar professor, Dr. Bujak, because he's extremely passionate about what he's teaching and makes even the most boring parts of the English and British history"deliciously" interesting. [The English tend to use very exaggerated words to emphasize things; i.e. deliciously, gorgeous, etc. I really enjoy them!]

I am also in Studio Art and Environmental Science that meet in the afternoons on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Art is fun, when I'm not being rushed in what I'm doing, and I've been learning quite a lot. So far we've worked on design and are currently working on drawing. I'm definitely not a gifted artist, but it's passable! Environmental Science is interesting enough...but that's about it. It's a bit of an easy class so far...

My only other class is...choir. Which I say with disdain. I knew from the beginning I would not like it when the professor began to advertise her choir as a choir that didn't need music and was not focused to train people into opera singers. I understood that she was aiming toward including people who may not be able to read music, but the more she talked, the more I felt she was condescending what I was studying! After the first rehearsal, my inklings toward her teaching style were confirmed when we were taught some "warm-ups" that were incorrect and asked to sing in ways that were completely backwards to what I have always been taught. Interestingly, her music degree is in instrumental studies....
Sitting in a Yew Hedge on the way to Matt's house from Harlax.

Those are my classes for the week, but what do I do in my spare time? In between British Studies lecture and seminar, I usually nap for about an hour! After seminar there is lunch in the refectory, usually consisting of an odd combination of foods. Everyone always ask how the food is. The answer: just the same as any other cafeteria. There's plenty of options as long as you're willing to be creative! After lunch I work on things for awhile (today I "exchanged" my sheets! We can take our sheets to housekeeping and the give you a fresh set. No having to waste laundry money!). In the evenings I normally work on homework, often having to meet with a group of people to do projects for British Studies. If I don't have homework, there are plenty of common rooms to hang out in (like I am now) where there are TVs to watch English DVDs or play games. There's also 3 pianos to choose from, Matt's guitar that I borrowed and the music room to sing in (where the acoustics are so heavy you sound great no matter what! And if none of those satisfy, there's also the Bistro that is open during the week where all drinks are 2 pounds flat and you can order "cheese toasties", pizza or chips (as in fries). Oh, and there's the Sports Hall, but I only go there when I absolutely have to...!

Also, for those of you who haven't heard, I am no an RA and so I have a few responsibilities every so often with that. I now live in the manor (rather than the Carriage House) in the 400 corridor. Tonight, for instance, I am on duty, so I get a radio from the security desk, make rounds all around Harlaxton and occasionally relieve the security guard at the desk. It's pretty easy-peasy.
Kate, Me, and Ashley after the Meet-a-family reception.

I also participate in SWAG, our student Christian fellowship group on campus and lead music for it every so often. And then there are also other random events such as the Distinguished British Guest series that I get invited to, random British Studies movies (like Monty Python), dance events, SGA events, dinners with our Meet-a-family, dinners with Matt's family, trips into town and more! Basically, the point in what I'm saying, is there's ALWAYS something to do! However, soon enough, my weeks will become rest periods from my weekends! My constant traveling beings very soon!

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  1. Very cool Erin, sounds like fun my adventure starts tomorrow, my first day of my 2nd year of college.
    Your Cousin,